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Logo Design

My father came up with the name, Slater Sound, to cover various musical activities, such as his orchestra concerts in Surrey, England.

I’m thinking about continuing it as a concept, to embrace my own brand of music production, however that evolves in the present world climate. I’m trying to resist anything that ties me down in a particular genre, because at the moment, I don’t know where my response to the world is going to lead me in expressive forms.

Here’s a temporary logo I created in Illustrator. Love that app. I like the waveform, but not so keen on the headphones. Alternative ideas involve references to other sound production devices – electronic or acoustic – such as instruments. I play ‘cello – but I write music for orchestra. Ideas such as conducting hands, violin bows going up and down, instrument silhouettes, all suggest something more specific. While I’m kind of a classical person, I embrace the electronic and it is the primary format for most people to consume music these days. It’s not easy to convey a general sense of music production, without also becoming too abstract and missing the point.

Let me know what you think? How would you approach designing a logo for a brand or business? What does music mean to you when represented visually?

Consumer Abuses


Curiously enough, Amazon invites you to add your personal website on your profile, then blocks you from doing so because of community guidelines. No explanation is provided.

Having read the guidelines from top to bottom, and being nothing more than a person who produces music, I fail to see what is offensive or not personal about my website.

All of my social media profiles also present the same picture of me and link to my website. However none of these have been “removed” on the grounds of community violation.

This is not a human being making this decision clearly. Some kind of bot is determining the situation based upon an analysis of the text – or the metadata.

Does anyone have any idea?