Mark Slater Music

British film composer, cellist, educator (born 1969) based in Tokyo.

I’m a producer and performer of music. I mostly write music for orchestra which is performed in concert, recorded in synchronization to picture and also perform on ‘cello, piano and conduct.

I’m currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I have some composition students and I teach DAW production as well as theory and orchestration. As English is nearly everyone’s second language in Japan, I also teach English as a native speaker myself from England, UK. I have a degree in Law, Music and partly completed a degree in Engineering. I also code (PHP mostly) with full stack knowledge, currently embracing Laravel as my framework of choice.

Posters from past film projects

Logo Design

My father came up with the name, Slater Sound, to cover various musical activities, such as his orchestra concerts in Surrey, England. I’m thinking about continuing it as a concept, to embrace my own brand of music production, however that evolves in the present world climate. I’m trying to resist anything that ties me down […]


Curiously enough, Amazon invites you to add your personal website on your profile, then blocks you from doing so because of community guidelines. No explanation is provided. Having read the guidelines from top to bottom, and being nothing more than a person who produces music, I fail to see what is offensive or not personal […]